Romancing the Sur

We are proud to bring you the first 14 chapters of Linda Sonrisa Jone’s audiobook:

“Romancing the Sur, Reflections on Life in Big Sur.”

Romancing the Sur, Reflections on Life in Big Sur, is Big Sur writer Linda Sonrisa Jones’ first book, and tells of the restorative power of living up a dirt road. There are views of the lunar goddess, lupine blossom sorbet, and bathing in a claw-foot tub as condors soar above. There are also life-changing wildfires, sneaky rattlesnakes, and a host of marvelous eccentric characters with wisdom to share.

Living on the mountain ridge that Henry Miller called home, she writes about the passion it takes to embrace the chaos, impermanence and wild beauty of life on the coast.

“Linda Sonrisa’s writing, like a car she once had, is convertible—she converts her experiences of Big Sur so that we get to step into her rural, effervescent life. She’ll take you for a spin in her red Miata along the highway’s tight curves and you too will find that “everything is beautiful again.” Get right up close to her experience of the transformation of fire into ash into gratitude. Here’s a writer who listens with such care that she can hear a friend’s sadness in a raven’s voice and his joy in singing finches. If we could all live our lives with such attention the world would be a better place. If we could all write like this, wouldn’t that be something!

Patrice Vecchione, author, Step into Nature: Nurturing Imagination & Spirit in Everyday Life

Romancing the Sur is now on bookshelves at the Henry Miller Library and the Phoenix Shop in Big Sur.

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