Peggy Horan


Mother, Midwife, Gardener, Massage Therapist and Big Sur South Coast resident Peggy Horan.

Names and notes from the interview: Gregory and Lois Bateson, Fritz Perls, Early Esalen…the Barn. Meskalin, Acid…sexuality, Seymour Carter, Storm, Janet Letterman, Big Sur Coast Midwifery,  John Horler, Karl Lee, Honey Rose, Bunny Gries, Stephanie Healey, Horst Meier, Tony Wagner, Arica, Lucia & JasmineJack Downing Arica training, Gazebo, Brita Ostrom, Theresa Bradford, Judy Share, Linda Padilla, Candice Romanov, Melanie Lerner, Patty Villa, David Abel, violinRichard Andersen, clarinetCafé Amphora, Doug Madsen, John Larmor, Jaime Morton, Robin and Billy, Bill Rose, Hope Rose, George Leonard, Maslov, Stanley Grof…


Peggy’s book can be purchased at the
Henry Miller Library.

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