Big Sur Stories Part 2

Here’s the second audio file that played at the Big Sur Stories Launch party, held October 25, 2015 at the Big Sur Grange.

Another beguiling sound collage, its highlights include the time whole hippie community was flattened by a resident’s bulldozer, recollections of the epic flood of ’72—which found the larger-than-life Walter Trotter’s heroic (and entertaining) efforts in trying to save the Coast Gallery—interviewees’ thoughts on Big Sur’s uncertain future, and much much  more!

Voices heard on “Big Sur Part 2” in order of appearance: Peter Rosen, Ken Wright, Richard Mole, Gary Koeppel, Richard Mole, Kate Healey, Tim Green, Gary Koeppel, Tim Green, Sam Goldeen, Heidi Hopkins, Kate Healey, Micah Curtis, Marty Hartman, Better Sommerville, Jim Hunolt, Richard Mole, Bette Sommerville, Shelley Newell.

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